Small spaces wine storage


Basic "closet"-sized wine room. Courtesy of HomePortfolio.

Small, usable wine spaces are a passion of mine. Obviously, I love the big, expensive cellars, but it’s just harder to personally relate to the concept. 200 well-planned bottles, 30% in constant rotation, and the remainder aging as determined. That is all I’ll ever need, regardless of what I dream about (and hopefully one day build for others!).

The best part about these spaces is they can be easy, and relatively inexpensive, to build. Stocking, of course, is a matter of taste and budget. But, no matter how rich your taste is, it’s far cheaper to fill 150 slots than 5,000!


Butler's pantry and wine storage. Photo courtesy of Decorno.

This is the first wine bar I built. 90+ bottles, required almost no space, just a deep wall and an outlet. I found a year-end GE Monogram wine refrigerator for a great price, ordered maple cabinetry from Kraftmaid, and sourced the honed granite countertop from remnant material at a local granite cutter. The backsplash is a simple travertine with a hand made, beach glass colored glass tile set in the center.


Our wine bar! 90+ bottles, required almost no space, just a deep wall and an outlet.


Daily rotation in the top bins and "holders" in the fridge.


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