Vermont Country Kitchen

For the last year and a half the Equinox Construction crew has been building this traditional country house with an attached timber frame barn/great room. I came and went from this project from the beginning, jumping between a few other jobs. I was back in the house a few weeks ago to tile the kitchen backsplash and clicked some pictures of the finished kitchen on my way out. Enjoy!

Pawlet Vermont

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Small spaces wine storage


Basic "closet"-sized wine room. Courtesy of HomePortfolio.

Small, usable wine spaces are a passion of mine. Obviously, I love the big, expensive cellars, but it’s just harder to personally relate to the concept. 200 well-planned bottles, 30% in constant rotation, and the remainder aging as determined. That is all I’ll ever need, regardless of what I dream about (and hopefully one day build for others!).

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Vermont Country Bathroom: slate shower

I was salivating at the thought of getting my hands on these materials after seeing them sitting in the garage over the winter. My uncle, owner of Equinox Construction, out of Manchester, VT was happy to put me on the job. I was finishing up the tile as the wallpaper and finishing touches were going up around me.

vermont country shower Robert Burden

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Stall shower facelift

While beautiful, full custom tile showers can be expensive. This is an example of an acrylic shower insert that I applied a mix of subway tile and slate to create a more custom look. Applications such as this are very cost effective because it requires little preparation, and the material/labors cost are low.

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Saratoga screened-in porch.

My latest project, converting a water-damaged all season porch into a usable summer screened-in porch, was finished last week. The original space included inexpensive sliding windows, a non functioning unvented gas stove, and was trimmed entirely in dark stained cedar. The room was not insulated properly for winter use and often too stuffy for summer use.

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